About Us


BlueTeal Capital



We connect Investors with high potential Asian startups



People who invest into high potential developing countries deserve a financial adviser who is experienced, reliable and provides transparency. Capital transfers need to be secured by the financial adviser and regular business updates shall be provided by the startup.


No one should have to experience uncertainties from missing visibility of capital transfers or business issues.









How we work


We differentiate between early stage impact investments and first stage investments. To facilitate both parts perfectly we trust in our local partners.






Our partners work as follows


1) Careful selection of startups

2) Due-Diligence and incubation program

3) Choose investment ready startups



Our new partner Oaks Asia is the perfect complement to the services we provide to our Investors. Oaks Asia provides Financial Controlling tools for each company to automatically prepare reports and forecast to top management and investors.






Investment Process with BlueTeal Capital








How much is the average return on investment and

can an individual investor really achieve a 25% annual return on investment? 


To answer this question enjoy our free PDF




Can you really make 25% return a year




Investing with BlueTeal Capital avoids


  • Lack of transparency from your financial advisor

  • Hidden Fees

  • Missing investment updates from your financial advisor





We help people to become experienced investors on the Asian startup market. Our investors are proud of their well diversified portfolio, grateful of the impact made and stepping ahead of others with the right synergy partner.